Glass tempering and heat strengthening

Modern exteriors and interiors are impossible without the using of glass surfaces. Very often these materials are used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms of your apartment or a country house. The glass must be safe, considering the frequency of useing among the people. Therefore, while manufacturing the tempering of glass is taking place before delivering it to the object. Tempered glass ensures protection and helps to avoid unwanted injuries, if the item is broken suddenly. If tempered glass breaks into tiny pieces, it helps to prevent serious scratches.

Glass tempering is making as follows: the heat treatment is going on by special technology, the result of which is tension because of the instantaneous cooling. The glass tempered by this way can not be cut. It acquires the properties of high strength and can be resistant to temperature extremes. In the process the hot glass is a heterogeneous subject. It could easily burst, even if you want carefully cut a small part. Because of the proper treatment, you receive tempered glass for request in several times stronger that is not influences in the cost much. In addition, you get a solid and stable object with no sharp angles, which can carries high temperatures and other external stresses.

It is possible to order tempered glass in Kiev in the Seven Glass company, which provides services for glass tempering and bending, according to all international standards. As other materials are gradually replaced, to buy tempered glass for any facilities is not difficult. Now it is used for facades, roofs, doors and windows, also used for floors and stairs. And even for more complex constructions: bridges and bearing frameworks.

Our experts produce tempered glass structures for massive and complex constructions in Kiev. Thanks to the professional experience, Seven Glass employees can confidently guarantee a quality glass processing and form the cost and terms of the order.

Tempered glass, characteristics:

  • all types of glass
  • low emissivity glass
  • Glass with a soft (magnitrol) coating
  • Glass with a solid (pyrolytic) coating
  • glass thickness from 4 mm to 19 mm
  • Min sheet size: 150 mm x 350 mm
  • max sheet size: 2440 mm x 4200 mm
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Tempered glass, advantages:

  • glass strength while impact increases in 5-10 times
  • the 250 MPa bending strength increasing
  • strength is 7 times more than the glass sheet has
  • Wide temperature range of glass exploitation
  • Toned  glass retains 99% of the optical characteristics
  • large temperature difference resistance to inside and outside the rooms

Tempered glass application:

  • facades glazing (by means of double-glazed windows )
  • zenith lights (skylights), glass domes
  • translucent frame constructions, shop windows
  • mansards / stairs / partitions
  • production of household appliances
  • production of furniture and interior solutions

heat-strengthened glass application:

  • glazing of inclined facades
  • zenth lights
  • roof and nymphaeums glazing

Bending glasses

Services og glass bending means bending or fusing (from the Latin “mollio” -make a soft, melting, from “mollis” – soft) is a glass molding method which is based on the ability of a glass heated to a plastic state under the mass to deform under its own weight or special presses . The process resembles the usual tempering, but after exiting from the heating section the glass enters to the the quench section, where, the flat glass is bending by maens of forming rollers under its own weight in a short time.

Our equipment allows us to produce bending glass from various types of glass:

  • transparent bending glass
  • tinted bending glass
  • sunscreen bending glass
  • decorative bending glass

Technical possibilities for glass sagging (bending):

  • Bending glass thickness is from 4 mm to 15 mm
  • Min glass size is 300 x 200 mm
  • Max glass size is 1800 x 2440 mm
  • Glass bending time is from 2 to20 hours
  • bending radius – from 600 mm to 1500 mm
  • arc length is from 300 mm to 600 mm
  The minimum radius of glass bending
Glass Thickness, mm Arc Length mm R
4, 5, 6 Arc length ≥600 mm 800 mm
4, 5, 6 ≤ 300 mm Arc Length ≥ 600 mm 900 mm
8, 10 Arc Length ≥600 mm 900 mm
8,10 300 mm ≤ Arc Length ≥ 600 mm 1200 mm
12, 15 Arc Length ≥600 mm 1200 mm
12, 15 300 mm ≤ Arc Length  ≥ 600 mm 1200 mm


Application area of bending glass:

  • roofs and canopies glazing
  • entrances, bending vitrages
  • bending shop windows, bending glass for shelves
  • bending glass facades for furniture
  • radius glass partitions
  • interior solutions
  • glass shower enclosures, furniture