Enamelled glass (glass painting)

Such material like glass invariably accompanies people for many thousands of years. But the features and technologies are being developed, and this material is able to turn into a really wonderful thing n the capable and experienced hands. Glass painting allows transforming the interior and creating a rich, new look at a boring glass panels. Enamelled glass is a great and boundless opportunity to make the brightness and stylish designer “flavor” in any room. This material is used not only at home but also in public buildings. An interesting combination of different colors allows you to fantasize with different elements of the interior and exterior. It can be: doors, screens, partitions, furniture, countertops, floor panels, stairs, walls and windows, facades and even single equipment. The enamelled glass is a durable tempered glass, one side of which is applied with colored enamel. These safety glasses are made of different thicknesses and color. Coloured glass (stemalite) can be as an independent product, so being one of the components in the multi-layer product. Advantages if enamelled glass are in light fastness, heat resistance and durability. Despite the fact that the painting process is quite time-consuming, the cost of such service is low.

Technical possibilities of equipment for glass painting (glass enamelling):

  • Glass thickness: 4mm – 19mm
  • Min glass size: 150 x 350 mm
  • Max glass size: 2440 x 4200 mm
  • Types of glass: all

производство эмалилованного стекла

покраска стекла на заводе завод по покрасе и эмалированию стекла

It is impossible to make machine treatment of tempered stemalite such as cutting and drilling

Glass painting on Seven Glass factory:

1. Glass cutting on mechanized table

2. Border treatment on automatic double edge grinding machine with movable table (polishing, grinding)

3. glass washing in the washing machine with the washing brush system

4. drying with cold or hot air

5. preparation and application the enamel suspension for the glass

6. suspension drying in special camera by means of heat radiators

7. painted and dried glasses are tempered


Application of painted glass (enamel, stemalite):

  • filling the dumb opaque facade areas, lights and roofs
  • interior design, translucent partitions
  • furniture manufacturing
  • decoration of walls, shop windows, windows
  • floor / stairs

Seven Glass Company has mastered the technique of glass painting and bought modernistic equipment. You can order a durable enamel of all sizes and colors, and be sure that the work will be done efficiently and quickly. We are happy to fulfill orders and carry out installation work. Sending a request by e-mail and our managers will contact you and inform you in details about the prices and terms.