Facade glass

Facade glass – one of the most complex forms of glazing, which is carried out by using of different shapes system. You need maximum accuracy, adherence to all safety and technical standards, as structural facade glazing is one of the most important and durable elements in building. Facades glazing of buildings are carried out not only in the process of new facilities creation, but also used in the renovation of old buildings, where accuracy and reliability is necessary. Facade glass plays a key role in creating an optimal and comfortable atmosphere inside the building. Therefore, while using multifunctional glazing, you shouldn`t worry about the functionality and quality of the glass. Such material has soundproofing and heat insulation properties. The basis of such system as a structural facade glazing is a thorough control, multi-level tests and the right choice of materials and design. With proper designing and building, the construction could withstand any pressure and shifts, weather conditions changes. Structural facade glazing differs from other types of glazing by containing no additional clamping elements. According to its basic characteristics, structural glazing doesn`t differ from traditional glazing, but apparently, of course, win because of aesthetics and structure integrity. The cost of such glazing is slightly more expensive than the classic. Our Seven Glass company provides services facade glazing production. We provide full support for the project from start to finishing the whole process. Before operation all materials are tested and separate elements of the program (drawings) are checked. We guarantee the quality and durability. You contact the company managers by mail or phone numbers.

Types of Seven Glass architectural glazing:

  • classic glazing (mullion-girder system)
  • structural glazing
  • semi-structural glazing
  • planar glazing (tape glazing of 6.0 m high)
  • element facade (constructor)
  • stained glazing (with different double-glazed windows)

Structural facade glazing is the most sophisticated and perspective direction in the facing. Glazing technology is based on glass attachment to the front of the building using sealant (silicone), which is serving as a carrying unit. Modern technologies of glazing allow creating a unique building facade.

структурное остекление структурное остекление фасадов остекление фасадов зданий

Стоечно-ригельная система остекленияRacking-grided glazing system is an internal aluminum structure (rack and grid) and external system (clamp and decorative cover), among which the glazing is clamped as a glass / double-glazed window by means of rubber compactor. The filling thickness is 50 mm.

Advantages: easy installation, for vertical and inclined facades

Структурное остекление

Structural facade glazing differs from the classic glazing with lack of aluminum parts outside (clamps and decorative caps). Herewith, double-glazed window is glued to the aluminum frame by a special technology, forming a structural glazing cassete.

Advantages: entire glass surface without visible external overhead shapes.

Полуструктурное остеклениеSemi-structural facade glazing is a smooth glass surface with silicone seam width of 20 mm (double-glazed windows are mounted by means of the structural silicone).

Advantages: cheaper compared with the structural glazing, ideal for vertical and inclined facades, as a system is maximum waterproofed.

Алюминиевая раздвижная системаAluminium sliding system enables the opportunity of 2, 3, and 4-panel opening. Lifting and sliding aluminum doors are functional and suitable for outdoor using in office buildings, as well as in commercial and residential objects.

Advantages: large-size glazing, unique design, high coefficients of water- and air-resistance, MAX security from burglary

Are of boundary aluminum constructions using:

  • complex vertical and inclined facades
  • dome and conical glass roofs
  • modern window and door constructions including sliding and folding
  • mansards, passages, transitions, verandas, nymphaeums, zenith lights
  • office partitions of any construction with elevated levels of sound insulation
  • pools covering, greenhouses