Glass bending

Ideas and new concepts require realization of any ideas of architects and designers in life. Especially if it’s non-standard shapes and materials. Our Seven Glass company provides a variety of services and one of them – it’s bending glass. Bending is a process in which the glass has been bent. Such bending is necessary to provide non-standard shapes and bending glass structures. Glass bending takes place in special huge ovels in which the glass becomes soft and their properties can be bending at different angles. Nowadays, the bending glass can take also a round shape, which increases the popularity of such products and is used in almost all areas. Different mixes of colors and textures create a unique look of your interior and suburban nymphaeum or pavilion. Bending glass – it is always a feature of your stylish room, which creates lightness and airy and does not require any additions. This technology is used not only for the construction of a large complex architecture. By means of bending glass sales desks, details for wardrobes, bar columns and reception, glass windows, fences, panorame windows and aquariums are making of. There are also some while processing. It can be:
  • silk-screen printing on glass
  • artistic mounting
  • Direct photo printing
  • protective decorative membranes
Accuracy while manufacturing plays an important role. Glass bending implies absolute adherence according the correct dimensions and radiuses in order to obtain a perfect complex shape.

Our equipment allows us to produce bending glass from various types of glass:

  • transparent bending glass
  • tinted bending glass
  • sunscreen bending glass
  • decorative bending glass

Technical possibilities for glass sagging (bending):

Bending glass thickness is from 4 mm to 15 mm

Min glass size is 300 x 200 mm

Max glass size is 1800 x 2440 mm

Glass bending time is from 2 to20 hours

bending radius – from 600 mm to 1500 mm

arc length is from 300 mm to 600 mm

гнутое стекло гнутье стекла


Bending glass production stages at the Seven Glass factory:

The first stage is slow glass heating, which is installed on the thin frames or tubes in horizontal ovens. The heating is carried out up to 6000 ° C.

The second stage is glass forming by means of special rollers. The heated glass sets back in shape slowly and is cooled to acceptable room temperature.


Application area of bending glass:

  • roofs and canopies glazing
  • entrances, bending vitrages
  • bending shop windows, bending glass for shelves
  • bending glass facades for furniture
  • radius glass partitions
  • interior solutions
  • glass shower enclosures, furniture