Glass matting and toning

Nowadays, modern technological processes allow transforming any simple thing in a unique. Glass matting is one of the ways which is used by designers and architects for a more elegant and exclusive surface. The uniqueness of the object depends entirely on the imagination of the master and when it comes to glass it is the most suitable area for decoration of any premises and individual things.

Matted glass, specifications

Matted glass is an ergonomic method of working with glass objects but it includes some features and nuances. Matted glass is obtained by a mixture of different solutions that reduce transparency and give the surface any design pattern or texture. There are several ways of matting:

Matted glass, types:

  • matting of glass by special preparations which contain different acid
  • sandblasting
  • glass matting with the help of processing glass pastes

матирование стекла

It is possible not only to create a varied texture but also the artistic patterns by means of these techniques. Therefore, the glass matting is so popular among creative people. The main advantages of this technology:

  • the ability to create colors without any drawings
  • an interesting and mysterious atmosphere in your room is creating passing the light

Of course it is possible to create a pattern on the glass at home, but not all the methods and objects the beginners can master. Matted glass can be bought in our Seven Glass company. Here you will find a wide range of products and realize any idea. If you haven`t decided with the design of your home yet, matted glass, the price of which is calculated individually can be available to everyone, and will suit any interior.

матированное стекло от производителя матовое стекло наши работы матовое стекло

Patterned glass is a special type of decorative glass with a relief pattern. Patterned glass can be colorless, colored and matted. Clear, bronze or yellow decorative glasses coated on one or two sides with volume pattern. There are more than 30 geometric, stylish, figured, classical or exclusive designs. The light transmission depends on the structure and design of the glass. Such glass can be tempered, laminated, sandblasted and used in double glazing.

матированное стекло


Patterned and matted glass is used for:

  • building (facade glazing)
  • devices construction
  • shop windows glazing
  • interior solutions
  • windows, doors, stained-glass windows
  • shower stalls