Multifunctional glass

The room where you live or work should be as comfortable as possible. And it is important, that the atmosphere inside was cozy at any time of the year. Multifunctional glass is a universal option that allows you to keep warm in winter and protect from the sun in summer. Unlike common double-glazed windows the energy-saving glass has properties to keep heat in your home or office three times more, thus helps to reduce heating costs. Energy-saving glass has a special silver coating, which does not allow heat seeding, thus keeping within the room 70% heat, but allowing to pass natural light.

Energy-saving double-glazed windows, specifications

Multifunctional energy-saving double-glazed windows perfectly combine such properties as: heat saving, sun protection, self-cleaning, toning and impact resistance. Energy-saving double-glazed windows visually are similar to common plastic windows. Sometimes blue or green tones are visible. Glass is yielding for bending and tempering. Light metal layer is appliying on the multifunction glass and producing according to the method of deep vacuum process that is time-consuming work. The structure includes:
  • layers which provide color, smoothness and light transmission
  • layer that provides functionality and is serving a heat radiation
  • layers of protection, which are responsible for the resistance, and chemical stresses
Consequently multifunctional glass combines a lot of tasks. It is very popular throughout the consumers and has a lot of advantages:
  • Protects the room from overheating
  • keeps heat during cold season
  • maintains the level of daylight
  • stable and strong to undesired damage
  • reduces browsing room from outside
  • reduces electricity costs
  • allows glass laminating, tempering and processing
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Four Seasons multifunctional glass by Saint-Gobain Glass (SGG PLANITHERM 4S (Four Seasons)) is a transparent glass with sputter that provides as good thermal insulation in winter so protection from the burning sunlight in the summer for the room. The SGG PLANITHERM 4S function of monitoring sunlight penetration in summer repels in 2 times more sunlight than common double-glazed window, there is no need to use additional methods of sun protection.


энергосберегающее стекло SGG PLANITHERM 4S
Winter Saving heat inside the house is 3 times higher than a normal double glazed window Reducing the cost of space heating Reducing condensate on inside glass surface Reducing costs on heating and cooling more than on 50% энергосберегающие стеклопакеты
Summer Sunlight repel is 2 times more compared to common double-glazed window Saving a comfortable room temperature Reducing the cost of air-conditioning Protecting the furniture from fading and overheating энергосберегающий стеклопакет
Spring Passing and saving of sunlight Reducing the cost of space heating
Autumn Ensuring a comfortable temperature Reducing the cost of space heating

Thermal protection properties of SGG CLIMAPLUS PLANITHERM glass =0.09

Double-glazed window formula Air Argon
4 – 6 – 4 2,6 2,1
4 – 8 – 4 2,2 1,8
4 – 10 – 4 2 1,6
4 – 12 – 4 1,8 1,4
4 – 14 – 4 1,6 1,3
4 – 15/16 – 4 1,5 1,3


Application area of SGG PLANITHERM 4S (Four Seasons) glass

  • Houses and cottages glazing
  • Residential and non-residential buildings windows and facades glazing (schools, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, sports centers).
  • Balconies, shop windows
  • Glass roofs
  • One-piece glazed façade systems

мультифункциональное стекло