Cutting and processing of glass border, glass cutting

Often we are faced with the need to adjust the size of glassws or mirrors under a separate frames and design forms. Our Seven Glass is carrying out such processing services as glass bezel, glass grinding, glassdrilling and other glass surfaces treatment. Production of our company is equipped with the latest high-tech instruments, which are making glass border treatment and figured glass cutting in accurately and reliable manner. Clarity, speed and high quality of glass cutting – these are the main priorities of our company. As painstaking is very important when working with fragile materials.

Glass processing on Seven Glass factory:

  • Blunting the glass edges
  • Glass polishing
  • Edge polishing
  • Glass facet
  • Cut-outs for accessories
  • Glass Drilling
  • Spotfacing and reaming of holes
виды притупления углов вырезы под фурнитуру
types of grinding corners cutouts under Accessories

Glass cutting (cutting of the glass)

Treatment begins with the glass cutting. This is the application of small and shallow contour on the surface, which allows chipping and creating the desired shape accurately. It is a very important factor in the process as the glass objects are chipping unpredictably. Glass cutting in Kiev is in great demand among architects, designers and creative people who make unique complex projects, where different shapes and textures are used.

Automated process of glass cutting on Seven Glass factory consists of two required technological stages: glass chipping and cutting. The latest technologies and high-qualified specialists are guarantee of high-precision of products, quality and delivery times. Glass chipping and cutting is carried out according to drawings or templates which are developed by company experts. Our equipment allows us to carry out a high-precision cutting and glass jambo cutting (glass of large size) max glass sizes: 6000 x 3210mm


Glass cutting, types:

  • rectilinear glass cutting
  • fashioned glass cutting
glass thickness, mm Simple float glass Tinted glass Coated Glass Triplex glass
4 mm * * * 3,3,1
6 mm * * * 4,4,1
8 mm * * * 5,5,1
10 mm * * * 3,3,1LE
12 mm * * 4,4,1LE
15 mm * * 5,5,1LE
19 mm * *
порезка стекла виды процесс порезки стекла резка стекла

Glass Drilling

Glass drilling is also labour-intensive and difficult job, taking in attention the properties of smooth surface. Of course you can do this job at home, but a person without experience and the right tools can`t do this perfectly at least the first time. Few people know that the complete processing of glass depends on a number of important factors from sharpening angle to the subject processing speed.

Drilling glass machine is using a cold drilling process, it is convenient for drilling holes in flat glass, has a lower and upper drill as operator. The holes of different diameters are achieved by means of drills of different diameters

Diameter of the holes: from 5mm – up to 220mm

Range of glass thicknesses from 3 mm to 20 mm

Max size of processed glass: 2440x 4200 mm

Glass cutting in Kiev is a professional and high-quality work, specially trained technicians who know the mechanical and physical properties and the processes. Therefore, galss treatment by our Seven Glass company in Kiev means performing of any complexity orders with high accuracy. Upscale machines are using or treating the form, sharp edges and create an item according to the sketches.

Glass spotfacing

Spotfacing is type of treatment the top surface of glass holes in order to get flats or cylindrical scoops (for hidden screw head or hinge pins). It is performing by means of special spotfacings or larger diameter drill bits.

Spotfacing is holes treatment, which are get by molding, stamping or drilling, to impart them a cylindrical shape and increase the accuracy and quality of the glass surface.