Architectural double-glazed windows

Seven Glass company is a producer of glass. Seven Glass factory has automatic combined manufacturing line for the production of double-glazed windows and equipment for glass treatment.

We produce any types of double-glazed windows:

A double-glazed window is a key factor in comfortable home or working space. This is an important part of the window construction. Often people confuse double-glazed windows with conventional plastic windows. Seven Glass manufacturer of double-glazed windows provides a spread technological line and offers the manufacture of all types double-glazed windows: vitrages, matted glass, heat- and sound-resistant glass, fire-resistant, bullet-resistant, collapsible glass, structural glass and solar glass. Double-glazed windows manufacturing are serving not only for plastic windows, but also for aluminum, wood and other similar structures. We also produce structural double-glazed windows, which differ with the latest technology of fastening and create a uniform surface without unnecessary additional elements. The main function of double-glazed windows on request is their property to pass the natural light, keep warm and also to isolate the room from unwanted noise.

изготовление стеклопакетов стеклопакет на заказ


Double-glazed windows - Sun Protection / Energy Saving

Double-glazed window Name double-glazed window thickness capacity of heat transmission Reducing level of noise, dB Price, UAH / m2
4ClimaGuard®Solar-16Ar-4 24 Ug=1,0 30dB 250
4ClimaGuard®Solar-16Ar-4 24 Ug=1,0 30dB 285
4ClimaGuard®Solar-16Ar-4-16Ar-4LE 44 Ug=0,5 34dB 335
4ClimaGuard®Solar-16Ar-4-16Ar-4 44 Ug=0,8 34dB 315


Double-glazed windows - Sun / noise protection / energy saving

4ClimaGuard®Solar -16Ar-4-14Аr-3.3.1LE 44 Ug=0,6 36Дб 568
4ClimaGuard®Solar -14Аr-6LE 24 Ug=1,1 34Дб 315


Double-glazed windows - Burglary protection – sandwich glass double-glazed window

3.3.1LE-14Аr-4-16Ar-4LE 46 Ug=0,6 36Дб 456


Types of double-glazed windows:

The number of air cells determines the type of double-glazed windows: single-cell or double-cell. Single-cell is often used for glazing balconies, administrative buildings and other structures that do not require a high sound insulation or energy savings. Double-cell windows should be bought by those who live, for example, in panel houses without additional insulation. Such double-glazed windows retain more heat in the room, as well as increased noise insulation factor will save you from loud noises from the street.

The advantages of using structural glazing:

Statistically, people change cars more often than windows. So buying double-glazed windows considering personal preference and the excellent properties is much easier today than it was ten years ago. There are a lot of glass options, which are often bought by our customers: energy saving, sound insulation, multifunctional, tinted, mirrored, colored, with increased durability for banks, as well as vitrage glasses.

It is not a problem to buy double-glazed windows in Kiev. Many people have already set high-quality constructions for comfortable and convenient live and work. For those who are determined of buying the double-glazed windows in Kiev, the price of them will please any person with any incomes and possibilities. We create the highest quality product and deliver the finished construction in safety and without refuse. You should contact with our professionals on the phone for buying double-glazed windows in Kiev and they will calculate and place your order.

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All products are made according to DSTU B V.2.7-107-2001 requirements. Delivery of products is carried out in a specially equipped for glass transporting cars.