Glass handholds, stairs

Each person strives to create not only practical and cozy interior, but also aesthetic and harmonious atmosphere. That`s why nowadays we focus on the separate parts while design engineering. For tall buildings and houses the stairs that connect the levels together are needed to install. Today a variety of materials offers the opportunity for a big imagination and of course the stairs is not only construction, by means of which you can get to another floor, it is also a separate design element.

Our Seven Glass company offers you only the latest technologies. Glass constructions, glass handholds and walls are made both for the exterior and for interior decoration. Looking at the transparent and seemingly light and unstable structure, there is no reason for anxiety: it is made by special technology and meets all safety requirements. So, glass constructions are not afraid of any adult or children.

Glass constructions are always in harmony with any interior or facade, and a variety of colors and further details of the “noble” metals will create absolutely any shape, emphasizing the style of the room.

Our Seven Glass company cooperates with leading companies of furniture and architectural products manufacturing, as well as with the best design studios. Transparent leaves from tinted and “jewelery” glass allow embodying any idea according to the schematic sketches. We develop individual projects of any complexity and ready to help you with creation of stunning and bright interior for your object. You can order a glass handholds, stairs, partitions for residential house, office, center, complex, terraces … and other areas.

Qualify construction installation by our craftsmen will please your eye for a long time guaranteed and will be the “highlight” of your project. Ask our experts or call the phone numbers provided on the website.

производство цельнстеклянных предметов интерьера производитель стеклянных конструкций

Seven Glass Company offers tempered glass for the production of:

  • radial facades, radial columns, radial fences
  • translucent envelope constructions, shop windows
  • glass stairs / internal partitions
  • Glass handholds for balconies and stairs
радиальные фасады стеклянные ограждения лестниц и балконов стеклянные перила

Automated lines at our factory can manufacture glass elements of any complexity for the production of furniture and a variety of interior and exterior solutions:

  • colored glasses
  • sanwich glass
  • tempered, heat-strengthened glass
  • bent glasses (bending)
  • glass edges processing
  • cutouts for fittings, drilling
  • straight and figured glass cutting

We produce glass handholds and stairs of any complexity

For manufacturing glass floors, glass stairs and glass panels we make glass safety by sandwiching or by tempering depending from the type of glass application, it allows:

  • makeing use of glass safety
  • providing a margin of safety while high loads and shocks
  • reducing noise by 32 to 45 dB
  • enhanceing optical clarity and color stability
  • thickness of the stairs blanks is up to 40 mm
  • anti-slip coating for stairs