Glass sandwiching

Our Seven Glass company offers only high precision and modern product, designs and manufactures the complex glass constructions. Sandwich glass in translation – “triple”. This modern material is widely spread among the complex configuration buildings. Manufacturing of laminated glass is being implemented by pressing method. This process is similar to lamination. It has several layers of organic and silicate sheets which are joined together with a special solution or layer. The glass, making by means of this manner is not shattering into small pieces while impacting. Thanks to its unique property, sanwich glass can withstand a high load and weather stress. Therefore, it is often used for laying the floor between buildings floors, as well as for the bulk transitions. Depending on the customer’s requirements, sandwich glass is possible to produce not only with the traditional rectangular shape, but also it is a possibility to bend it at different angles. Before installing sandwich glass takes quality and functionality testing. There are several advantages of such designs. Mainly they are about security:
  • Increased stability, which eliminates the injuries even in case of destruction.
  • Multi-cell allows you to isolate from the noise.
  • The most durable material.
Such glass structures are used in internal and external yards, the barriers and doors are creating by means of them; also windows, individual interior elements, conservatories are made from them and they even used for cars glazing. Sanwich glass, the price of which is optimal and justified, can please the rich variety of styles and varying transparency colors. To buy sandwich glass today means to ensure your safety for many years. The Seven Glass company employs the best designers and specialists in their field who can produce high-quality constructions of any complexity as soon as possible. Advantages from ordering sandwich glass in our company:
  • a high range of services
  • discount system for our regular customers
  • affordable prices and optimal time of production

Sanwich glass manufacturing methods:

  • Membrane technology (laminated glass (film sanwich) is manufactured by using a polymer layer).
  • Filler technology (the resin filled between the sheets of glass under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, polymerizes and hardens, giving sandwich its basic properties of strength and durability.)

The thickness of sandwich glass should provide a bearing capacity while the destruction of one of the windows, so it is used a film with thickness of 0.38 mm, 0.76 mm, 1.52 mm for the sandwich glass manufacturing. Sandwich glass does not scatter into fragments while its destruction, it just only crumbles and remains in the gluing layer.

Sanwich glass has the following characteristics:

  • excellent sound insulation properties
  • greater flexibility and bulletproof
  • room protection from UV rays effects
  • shocking resistance (sandwich glass is able to withstand the repeated impact)
  • penetration resistance

The special polymer is using for sandwich glass production which does not allow the fragments fly and firmly stick together all the glasses. Therefore, sanwich glass refers to a group of safety glasses.

Types of sandwich glass treatment


  • transparent sandwich glass
  • matted sandwich glass
  • coloured sandwich glass
  • decorative sandwich glass
  • conventional laminated sandwich glass
  • noise protection laminated sandwich glass
  • fire resistant laminated sandwich glass
  • decorative laminated sandwich glass


Area of sandwich glass application:

  • used as a decoration element (opaque, colored, colorless)
  • used for the glass canopies manufacturing
  • surfaces facing
  • translucent fences
  • doors and windows in composition of double-glazed windows
  • floors / stairs / wall panels

To buy sandwich (triplex) glass at the manufacturing factory

Our specialists will do the work of any complexity, sandwich glass has optimal price.