All-glass partitions, patent plate

Seven Glass Company at its plant produces glass partitions (window glass) of all types, all sizes and configurations. We apply-hot safety glass with thickness of 8, 10 mm and more for manufacturing the all-glass partitions, as well as a wide range of accessories. All-glass sections are connected without profiles “butt in butt” and have the technological gap of 0-2mm.

Glass partitions, cpecifications:

  • glass thickness is from 4 mm to 19 mm
  • type of glass: sandwich, tempered, bent, tonned glass
  • max glass size is 2440 mm x 4200 mm
  • max partition size: any

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Radial all-glass partitions:

  • Radius of glass bending from 800 mm to 16,000 mm
  • The arc length is from 450 mm to 1800 mm

Manufacturing of all-glass partitions:

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All-glass partitions, advantages:

  • they are small-sized in comparison with simple walls
  • functionality and unique design
  • any configuration
  • large-size glassing and aluminum profiles without visible seams

Types of partitions, which we offer to our customers:

  • aluminum glass partitions
  • all-glass partitions


Glass shopwindows

All-glass partitions from the Seven Glass direct manufacturer it is always the best choice of all constructions types, sizes and configurations. Partitions from glass are very popular all over the world and are used almost everywhere. Stylish and durable construction can be set in a living space, such as offices, galleries, entertainment centers, branded shops and hotels. Glass shopwindows are installed without additional profiles and look aesthetically pleasing. Tempered glass provides security. In addition, the sandwich shop window, which is coated with a special film, serves as protection for inside expensive subjects which are remaining behind glass partitions, as UV rays can ruin them.

Shopwindow on request

Partitions from glass are highly durable and can be safely used in public institutions and banks. The glass partition is often used for zoning the various spaces into separate working areas.

Despite the visual fragility it can be distinguished a lot of advantages:

  • transparent design skips a lot of light and increases the room space
  • insulate from noise and unpleasant sounds
  • glass tempering provides security for people

Glass partitions in Kiev are developed by Seven Glass. We offer only new technology, leaving behind the old and unattractive walls of concrete and brick. Due to such structures your room will get a pleasant lightness and soft atmosphere. Glass partitions in Kiev are carried out in a pre-prescribed deadlines. We use only high quality materials, and our experts can offer you different designs which you will love.