Nymphaeums, zenith lights

There are different reasons why people install nymphaeums. Someone wants to underline their status; someone wants to grow plants professionally, while others dream to plunge into the fragrant warm atmosphere, where spring mood always reigns. Whatever the reason, the installation of the nymphaeum it is always prestigious, beautiful and unique its own way.

In addition to numerous advantages, a winter garden serves as a separate living room. It has long been gone when such buildings were considered only warmhouse. Thanks to modern technologies and high-quality designs which meet high requirements, cthe nymphaeums have become a cozy and warm home where it is possible to live.

It is necessary to take into account many aspects while designing such “house”, because changing anything would be difficult or impossible. There are number of important points to build a nymphaeum:

  • double-glazed windows should be energy-saving
  • glass should be tempered
  • sun protection system is need
  • there must be a natural ventilation in construction (on the remote control)
  • the batteries evenly around the perimeter and floor heating

Advantages of the winter garden:

  • creation of an oasis in a residential area
  • plants and flowers cultivation all year round
  • climate zone in accordance with the owner wishes

Aluminium shapes and special glass allows realizing all desires from the tiny conservatory to large botanical gardens by means of various systems. Aluminium shape remains its serviceable at temperatures from -80 to +300 C, resists the corrosion and the environmental effects and has a life-time of more than 80 years. Also, one of the unique properties of aluminium is that thinnest oxide film is coated it on the air which is capable to protect the material from corrosion for hundreds of years. The aluminum shape has a very low expansion coefficient, which eliminates the appearance of cracks and roughness, so there is no need to paint it or protect against external influences. Aluminum shape is environmentally friendly, because aluminum does not contain harmful impurities, so it is used in urban construction in cottage building. The individuality of the nymphaeum can be emphasized not only with the shape and appearance and also with color; the aluminum shape can be painted in any color according to RAL. Painted or anodized aluminum is not electrostatic.

It is important to pay attention on the technical aspects, which help to prevent the probability of rapid construction heating. This is important at any time of the year. Nymphaeum is the pride of the masters. It can be any shape and is substantially in one piece with the nature. An important part of this design are zenith lights, which allow penetrating the sun’s rays. With their help, you can forget about the gray concrete ceilings and enjoy the starry sky in the evenings. This construction helps to save energy, and in case of an emergency removes smoke, by means of natural ventilation.