Seven Glass Company is a factory for processing glass: glass tempering, thermostrengthening, glass enamelling (glass painting), matting, cutting and holes fabrication, also it is a manufacturer of a wide range of architectural double-glazed windows, including jambo format. Our company provides a full range of design, manufacturing and installation of all types of glassy constructions: windows, vitrages, doors, facades, nymphaeums, glassy roofs, zenith lights and domes, office glass partitions, shop windows with aluminum and metal profiles, and also the glass of the world’s leading manufacturers.


Our manufacturing facilities allow to implement projects of any complexity:

  • 2 convection oven for glass tempering and bending
  • Cutting of glass jambo
  • Automatic painting line
  • Rectangular and figured glass cutting
  • Automated washing lines with paneled servo-press
  • Horizontal extruders of butyl
  • Transport units for spacers
  • Automatic stations for remote-reading bending
  • Two hydraulic component extruders
  • Automatic stations for bending
  • Cooling, heating stations (freezer)
  • Rotary tables for conveying conveyors
  • Machines for remote-reading cutting
  • Automatic centers for glass cutting